Supplier News

  1. Surfware, Inc. And Swift-Carb CNC To Launch Swift-Carb TrueMill® Certified Series Of Cutters At IMTS 2008
    Surfware, Inc., developer of SURFCAM® CAD/CAM systems and Kent, Washington-based Swift-Carb CNC, a New Tech cutting tools company, announced recently that cutting tools built specifically to optimize TrueMill’s patented cutter path will be launched in September, 2008 at IMTS (the International Manufacturing Technology Show) in Chicago.
  2. Surfware Announces Live Demonstration Of SURFCAM Velocity Powered By TrueMill At WESTEC 2008
    Surfware, Inc., developer of SURFCAM CAD/CAM systems, recently announced that it will demonstrate the latest TrueMill® patent pending technology with live machining demonstrations at WESTEC 2008
  3. New Spectrophotometer For Reliable Color Measurement Offers Much-Needed Portability
    The CM-700d/600d is a spectrophotometer that has achieved a much more compact and lightweight body while retaining the sophisticated functions of Konica Minolta's conventional models by utilizing our original optical design and signal processing technologies. It allows easy and accurate color measurement in various sites and occasions
  4. Micron Introduces Automotive Image Sensor, Enabling A More Perceptive Driving Experience
    Micron Technology, Inc. recently introduced a new automotive image sensor that enables a more perceptive driving experience by providing an intuitive look at the drive ahead or the view behind
  5. Counterfeit Auto Parts: A Growing Industry Epidemic
    Counterfeit parts are seriously jeopardizing your business, your authorized repair shops, and your customers. The best news for the automotive industry is that a low-cost solution for protecting the company, its shareholders and its customers is available now. Submitted by Secure Symbology
  6. Counterfeiting — There Is A Solution
    The problem of bogus automotive parts is not going away. Armed with advanced technology and cheap labor, counterfeiters keep taking a big bite out of the aftermarket pie. Here's what's being done — and what you can do to combat the problem. Submitted by Secure Symbology
  7. 10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before Jumping On Board The RFID Bandwagon
    While RFID has proven to be a valuable tool in many industries and has several advantages over the bar code, implementing an RFID solution may not be appropriate for your business from the payback perspective. Whether your investigation of RFID solutions is voluntary or involuntary, as in the cases of Wal-Mart and Department of Defense (DoD) mandates, there are ten key questions that you can ask yourself to help determine your RFID application's payback. Submitted by American Barcode and RFID
  8. Electropolish Products At No Cost
    If you've ever considered electropolishing for your stainless steel products or parts — or you're currently using another electropolishing service — Allegheny Surface Technology (AST) has an irresistible offer for you
  9. The Case For Integrated Processes
    Based on research and documented case studies, it is clear that companies are realizing significant value by developing integrated processes across the enterprise. This white paper discusses what integrated processes are, how they create value, specific cases of companies succeeding with integrated processes, as well as a checklist to determine how integrated your own company’s processes are. Submitted by SAP Americas
  10. Corry Micronics Introduces Filtered D-Subminiature Connectors
    Corry Micronics announced the introduction of filtered d-Subminiature connectors. The connectors are available in pin counts from 9 to 50 with five types of filtering options