News | October 16, 2006

M/A-COM Introduces Next Generation Of 24 GHz Ultra Wide Band Radar Sensors

Source: Cobham

Lowell, MA - M/A-COM, a business unit of Tyco Electronics and a leading provider of wireless radio frequency (RF), microwave and millimeter wave components, introduced a new generation of 24 GHz ultra wide band (UWB) radar sensors for driver-assistance systems. M/A-COM's 24 GHz short-range radar sensor is a highly-integrated "smart sensor" designed to improve safety and comfort functions in automotive applications by providing object detection and tracking to further support drivers.

M/A-COM's 24 GHz UWB radar sensors are designed to resist inclement weather and harsh environmental conditions more than other sensing technologies, such as infrared devices. M/A-COM's radar sensors are specifically intended for:

  • Parking assistance: Rear-mounted sensors, with a range of 1.8-meters, can detect small objects in front of large objects and measure direction of arrival
  • Pre-crash sensing: The sensors scan out up to 30 meters to provide an advanced warning of an imminent collision to arm airbag, pre-tension seat restraints or other injury mitigation strategies
  • Blind spot detection: Short-range sensors detect objects in critical zones
  • Obstacle detection: With up to a 30 meter operating range, the radar sensor can be used to warn of unseen objects Additionally, M/A-COM's radar sensors can be deployed in security, military and unmanned vehicle operations, as well as mining and industrial sensing applications.

M/A-COM's advanced 24 GHz short-range radar sensors were developed using the latest UWB technology, enabling the system to measure objects that are located within centimeters of the sensor. In comparison with narrow-band sensors, short-range sensors can detect and distinguish between objects as close as 15 centimeters from each other.

SOURCE: Cobham