Product Showcase

  1. Ultra Compact SMD Photodiode Package: AD230-8 SMD

    First Sensor presents a new ultra compact flat no-leads package (QFN, ODFN) for its APDs and PIN photodiodes. The plastic encapsulated reflow solderable SMD package features a footprint of only 4 mm² and very good resistance to moisture (MSL3). Applications include laser distance meters, rangefinders, LIDAR, high speed photometry, optical fiber communication, and more.

  2. Leak Test Instruments: Model IPE2

    Features of the Model IPE2 include: micro flow sensor- Intelligent Gas Leak Sensor (IGLS), and Single or Dual test channels.

  3. Equivalent Channels

    These products are available and are assembled using advanced micro-fabrication technologies. The ECD/ECS are constructed from Silica (glass) and encapsulated in stainless steel housing. Our unique manufacturing process ensures a uniform and smooth diameter.

  4. Leak Test Instruments: Model E2

    Applications include: leak testing under pressure (max. 160 psig), leak rates of 0.1 cc/min and higher, medium sized parts, higher throughput, clean room or industrial applications, and user friendly operator interface - stand alone applications.

  5. Amplifier Hybrids with APD for 600-800 nm

    Amplifier hybrids of First Sensor incorporate an internal transimpendance amplifier with a PIN or an avalanche photodiode. The amplifier is always adapted to the specific strength of the detector.

  6. High-Performance APD Module with USB Interface

    The new APD modules of First Sensor features a low-noise Si Avalanche photodiode with a pre-amplifier and integrated voltage supply. The module also compensates for temperature so that it operates at a constant amplification with ultra-high reliability across a wide temperature range.

  7. Wavelength-Sensitive Photodiodes- WS Series

    Wavelength-sensitive photodiodes utilize the effect of the wavelength-specific absorption depth of radiation in silicon. First Sensor wavelength sensitive photodiodes are unique photo detectors with two vertically stacked p-n junctions in the single silicon crystal. One junction is enhanced for blue sensitivity and the other is enhanced for red sensitivity. Such a configuration is particularly useful for the wavelength detection of monochromatic input signals.

  8. Position Sensitive Diodes (PSDs)

    The lateral effect Position Sensitive Detector (PSD) is an optoelectronic device based on Silicon PIN diode technology. The PSD converts the energy from an incident light spot into a continuous, position relative, electrical output current. This position signal is relative to the total incident light pattern and indicates the “optical center” of the incident light.

  9. Custom Sensor Solutions

    First Sensor is the leading provider of unique sensor solutions with the highest levels of precision and reliability. We develop and manufacture tailor-made sensor solutions for optical and radiation detection, pressure, flow, and liquid level measurements, as well as special sensing applications on a global scale for a variety of applications and industries.

  10. Detectors For Ionizing Radiation

    With the X-series First Sensor offers detectors for nuclear radiation including X-or gamma rays but also alpha or beta particle radiation. First Sensor can adopt its radiation detector technology to each individual application.