Melexis Introduces New Highly Integrated Programmable Sensor Interface IC For Automotive Applications

Source: Melexis NV

Ieper - Belgium - Melexis introduces a new versatile, fully integrated and programmable sensor interface solution for automotive and industrial applications. The MLX90320 provides amplification, calibration and temperature compensation for virtually all kinds of resistive bridge type sensors including pressure transducers, strain gauges and position sensors.

The MLX90320 can help design engineers to optimize their application in terms of cost, space and time to market. With very few additional components the MLX90320 will amplify an analog ratiometric input signal to achieve the desired output signal. This output signal can be corrected for sensitivity and offset errors due to temperature effects.

The ASIC calibrates the sensor output by nulling the offset voltage and by applying the appropriate signal gain to calibrate the output voltage span between 0V and 5V. 'Error calibration' is accomplished via various DACs. The digital coefficients, which determine the calibration parameters, are stored in an on-chip EEPROM. Both gain and offset have coarse and fine DACs, allowing a very accurate calibration over a wide range of input errors.

An operating temperature range of -40°C to 150°C as well as various implemented clamping detection and fault/diagnosis modes, over-voltage and reverse polarity protection make the MLX90320 the perfect fit for automotive applications. Melexis' Programmable Through Connector' concept for high-volume implementations, enables programming in the production environment post assembly. Among the possible applications are pressure sensors, steering systems (torque sensors), safety restraint systems (seat occupant detection), braking systems (ABS, force), comfort systems (air conditioning) and engine management (injection).

MLX90320 samples in SSOP14 package and a development board with Microsoft Windows compatible control and EEPROM programming software are available from stock. For further information and datasheets, please refer to

About Melexis
Melexis Microelectronic Integrated Systems N.V. (Euronext Brussels: MELE) designs, develops, tests and markets advanced integrated semiconductor devices for the automotive industry. The company sells its products to a wide customer base of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM's) of automotive equipment in Europe, North America and Japan. Melexis' main products are automotive microcontrollers, Hall (magnetic) sensor ICs, RF ICs, BUS ICs, interface ICs for pressure and acceleration sensors, integrated silicon pressure sensor chips, application specific integrated circuits (ASICS) and RFID, in each case principally for automotive applications. Melexis is a technological leader in the design and development of Hall sensor ICs. A wide range of magnetic sensor ICs is offered by the company for applications such as position sensing, dented wheel position sensing, electronic motor speed regulation and antilock braking system (ABS). ICs for automotive sensors form the largest part of Melexis' sales.

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Source: Melexis NV