Supplier News

  1. X-Rite Launches New Color Light Booth To Improve Speed And Reduce Costs

    X-Rite, Incorporated has introduced the SpectraLight QC light booth and a training institute to give companies involved in global supply chains a superior way to visually evaluate the colors of samples for production readiness, helping to bring products to market quicker and reducing instances of waste.

  2. Marken Enhances Branch Operations

    Marken announced recently the opening of four expanded branch facilities to meet the continued growth of their business.

  3. Marken Validates Top Position In Global Clinical Sample Shipments

    Marken is pleased to share its year-end data which validates that it holds a market-leading position in the shipment of in-bound biological samples to the major central laboratories and to Pharma directly.

  4. Marken Announces New Corporate Team To Develop Industry Changing Technologies
    Marken announced recently the introduction of ‘CORTEC’, an internal corporate function led by industry experts to support the development of industry best practices, packaging technology and innovation.
  5. Marken Appoints New Head Of Global Quality Assurance
    Marken announced recently that Steve Roese is named Vice President of Marken’s Global Quality Assurance organization, which will support Marken’s continued investment in their expanding network of pharmaceutical service depots around the world.
  6. Marken Inaugurates New Argentina Pharmaceutical Service Depot

    Marken continues their expansion of services in Latin America, by augmenting their GMP Compliant depot network with the newly purpose-built Buenos Aires facility.

  7. Marken Announces Its New Logistics Operating System: Maestro™
    Marken announced today that it has significantly upgraded its existing operating system with centralized web-based application exclusively designed for its growing supply chain organization. The system, known as ‘Maestro’ has an innovative flexible architecture which will enable extensive tracking of shipments, integrated documentation, client reporting and performance monitoring.
  8. Marken Launches Solo™ For Management Of Clinical Trials Distribution
    Marken announced recently the launch of Solo™, their proprietary web based system used to manage the unique regulatory, inventory and operational supply chain complexities of clinical trials.
  9. Introducing An Innovative, Reliable High Capacity Battery Pack Inspection Solution
    High capacity battery packs used in electric cars require robust packaging for both safety and performance reasons.
  10. Webinar: How to Determine Particulate Matter on Filters
    Determining the weight of particulate matter is a key task in emission testing. Accurate weighing results are essential to achieve the goal of globally reduced emissions. METTLER TOLEDO announces the Good Filter Weighing Practice webinar. Alain Bantli, Product Manager at METTLER TOLEDO, explains how to determine particulate matter accurately by filter weighing.