Product Showcase

  1. Chartered Flights
    A special aircraft organised only to transport your consignment to the final destination with maximum time priority, safely and reliably.
  2. Door To Airport Service
    The principle is basically the same for the Door-to-Door service with the difference being that the consignment is delivered only to the airport.
  3. Door To Door Service
    We will collect your consignment at the time you specify, select the safest possible route, arrange customs duty payment of your consignment if requested and deliver it directly to your customer as quickly as possible.
  4. Combined Road And Air Transport
    Our company cooperates closely with all air companies and freight aircraft operators.
  5. Road Transport
    We will collect and deliver a consignment precisely in line with the requirements you specify. The safety of your consignment is our priority, and there for we make sure that it is handled as carefully as possible during transport.
  6. Courier On Board Service
    The quickest and safest way of transporting especially for smaller consignments. Your consignment is transported in the personal escort of a courier on board an aircraft to ensure the quickest possible delivery.
  7. Overhead Luminaires
    Macbeth overhead luminaries are convenient overhead lighting fixtures that can be suspended above your viewing area or inserted into any standard ceiling grid to accommodate evaluation rooms or harmony rooms. Used for quality control, grading, sorting, metamerism testing and product evaluations, these overhead luminaires provide accurate simulated daylight illumination for visual evaluation of color.
  8. M84Pro Series

    When you need the muscle of an industrial printer, SATO’s M84Pro printer series is the one industry solution that customers around the world rely upon. Featuring its industrial full-metal construction the M84Pro has the strength to tackle the most demanding requirements on the shop floor, shipping dock, or any other harsh environment requiring dependable 24x7 operations.

  9. SATO M10e Wide Web Printer

    SATO's new M10e was designed with manufacturing applications in mind. This bar code printer creates labels up to a full 10.5 inches wide at a speed of up to 5 inches per second.

  10. Clinical Trial Support
    Marken has global expertise in the regulatory aspect and special logistics of Clinical Trial Supply including Medical Devices, time and temperature sensitive Pharmaceutical and Biological entities.