Product Showcase

  1. TH8080 LIN Transceiver
    The TH8080 is a physical layer device for a single wire data link capable of operating in applications where high data rate is not required and a lower data rate can achieve cost reductions in both the physical media components and in the microprocessor which use the network...
  2. MicroMark® Spray Marking System
    The MicroMark® precision spray marking system makes uniform dots and stripes without the mess, maintenance and downtime of felt markers and standard spray systems.
  3. Wireless & High Frequency Bandpass Filters

    The wireless and high frequency filter group is made up of four types of filters. They are Cavity, RF, Monoblock, and LC types.

  4. Syringe Barrels/Tips
    Certified safe, industrial grade, precision molded barrel/syringe reservoirs and precision dispense tips are the key to productive dispensing.
  5. MicroCoat® Lubrication System
    The world's most advanced lubrication system
  6. IFS Applications

    IFS Applications offers powerful solutions that quickly provide real-world results to today's critical business issues.


  7. Spanner-Head Filters

    Spanner bushing filters solve those tight center-to-center hole spacing requirements. The spanner bushings are designed without the hex used on the standard bolt-in series. The spanner feedthrus are easily installed using the CMI spanner tool. Spanner bushings can be installed with center-to-center spacing down to .110” or 2.8mm when using the 2*56 threaded size. Spanners are available with capacitance up to 10,000 pF and sizes from 2*56 to 8*32.

  8. Vantage
    Vantage by Epicor is an easy-to-use ERP solution designed to meet the needs of make-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturing companies. Vantage is delivered out of the box with built-in workflow processes that enable manufacturers to manage the entire order cycle: from Marketing and Sales through Production and Planning, Sourcing and Procurement, Installation and Service, and finally Financial recognition. Vantage enables the whole process to be real-time and paperless. Because the entire Vantage solution streamlines the order cycle, an enterprise can maximize its resources, minimize its costs and improve profitability.
  9. Solder-In Filters

    Many designers have opted to semi-integrate feedthrus by soldering feedthrus directly into the housings. The solder-in feedthrus are available in a glass forward or reverse seal.

  10. Brake System Evaluation
    Kett Engineering is an industry leader in Brake System Testing, serving the automotive and related industries.