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X-Rite Appearance Solution Now Measures And Visualizes Effect Finishes Used In Plastics, Fabrics, And Structured Coatings

X-Rite MA-T12 spectrophotometer and PANTORA software now characterize complex material finishes in molded plastics, leathers, and coatings to improve virtual prototyping and quality control.

Grand Rapids, MI (PRWEB) - X-Rite Incorporated and Pantone LLC, global leaders in color science and technology, announce new capabilities to the MA-T12 multi-angle handheld spectrophotometer and the PANTORA™ desktop software that enable automotive, electronics, and durable goods customers to measure and visualize a broader range of materials, including plastics, leather, fabrics, and structured coatings. The new updates make it easier and more affordable to capture and digitize color and appearance characteristics of complex materials using one measurement device. With this solution, customers can transform a physical material into a digital twin or virtual prototype for remote visual approval, minimizing the need to ship samples between design teams, suppliers, and partners.

“The use of effect finishes and textures to improve a product’s aesthetic appeal have expanded beyond automotive paints to vehicle interiors,” said Matthew Adby, Product Management Director, X-Rite. “The new capabilities in the MA-T12 and PANTORA enable automotive manufacturers to measure, visualize, and control color on both interior and exterior components using one handheld device. It eliminates the need for multiple devices and can be used anywhere from the design center to the assembly floor, streamlining the digital design and quality control process.”

The MA-T12 measures effect finishes and complex materials with 12 angles of measurement and a calibrated camera. This allows manufacturers to verify color, sparkle, coarseness, and surface texture. MA-T12 measurement data and PANTORA software’s new SVBRDF (Spatially Varying Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function) capabilities enable users to create accurate digital representations of complex materials that include color, effect finishes, and surface structure.

In addition to effect paints, the combined solution now characterizes a range of materials used across automotive, electronics, and durable goods. This includes:

Plastics and Injection Molding – Digitally communicate how a molded or textured plastic material looks to meet tolerance and reduce variances in appearance that lead to added rework and cost. This creates a more sustainable process with less waste and downtime.

Leathers and Fabrics – Measure and visualize natural or embossed leather and textured fabrics for precise virtual prototyping and improved quality control.

Powdered Coatings – Accurately visualize the color and appearance of applied textured powder coatings to a final product and track product variances for remote approval.

The combined MA-T12 and PANTORA solution supports digital workflows to accelerate the design to manufacturing process. Designers can use the solution to visualize product designs and digitally communicate color and appearance requirements across a global supply chain. Manufacturing partners can now measure and compare production parts to ensure they are within tolerance and remotely assess variations. Final inspection and quality control professionals can measure and capture all aspects of an assembled good or vehicle.

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