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Vari-Form In Synch With Volkswagen MQB Platforms, Provides Rear Suspension Trailing Arms For Golf A7 And Variants

Livonia, MI /PRNewswire/ - Vari-Form is an important supplier in the revolutionary MQB architecture developed by Volkswagen Group. Applying Pressure-Sequence Hydroforming technology, Vari‑Form is producing right and left trailing arms for the rear suspension system of the Volkswagen Golf A7. Consistent with the MQB strategy of standardizing structures and components across vehicle classes, Vari-Form-produced trailing arms will subsequently be utilized for variants of the Golf A7.

Vari-Form pioneered the application of tubular hydroforming to produce body-in-white and chassis components, and has met the challenge of producing these trailing arms to extremely tight Volkswagen tolerances.

"We are privileged to be part of the evolution of MQB," said Vari-Form director of engineering Dean Gericke. "Because our components are essential to vehicle performance, we had to meet tough specifications. We look forward to contributing our expertise to Volkswagen Group on upcoming platforms."

The latest evolution of modular assembly, the Modular Transverse Matrix – MQB is the German acronym – takes a kit approach to vehicle architecture. By commonizing structures and components for vehicle systems, elements can be used across a broad spectrum of automotive brands and sizes without time-consuming redesign or retooling.

The MQB trailing arms are good examples of how structures hydroformed from closed-section tube maintain inherent strength, while permitting cross section changes along the part. Noting that these are important load-bearing structures, Mr. Gericke emphasized the importance of maintaining critical tolerances throughout the hydroforming process.

Vari-Form produces the hydroformed trailing arms for Multimatic Inmetmatic, located in Mexico, where the arms are further processed and shipped to the Volkswagen assembly facility.

About Vari-Form 
Vari-Form, one of the Crowne Group of companies, is headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, and has production facilities in Canada, Mexico, Italy, China and the USA. Vari-Form originated the concept and application of tubular hydroforming to body, chassis and other automotive structural parts. Vari-Form is the industry leader in hydroforming, with more than 100 million parts produced to date. Looking forward, the Hydroform-Intensive Body Structures (HIBS) initiative from Vari-Form is redefining the way automotive manufacturers and tier suppliers view the vehicles of the future. HIBS is leading the way in demonstrating that critical components and systems can be hydroformed rather than assembled from stampings. The benefits are substantial, significantly increasing safety and structural integrity, while lowering tooling complexity, weight and cost. The company began volume production using its patented Pressure-Sequence Hydroforming (PSH) process in 1990. Vari-Form is a Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), certified by the National Minority Supplier Development Council. For more information, go to

About Crowne Group, LLC
Crowne, headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio, is a leading manufacturer and distributor of both OEM and aftermarket component parts for the automotive and other industrial equipment markets. Crowne Group offers a diverse portfolio of metals products, including hydroformed aluminum and steel parts and assemblies for the automotive industry, carbon and stainless steel tube and components for diverse industries, and fabricated tube products for exhaust systems. The Group currently employs approximately 4,000 people and operates eleven manufacturing facilities in North America and three offshore manufacturing and assembly facilities. For more information, visit

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