Company Profile | November 1, 1999

Steeplechase Software, Inc.

Source: Steeplechase Software, Inc.
Steeplechase Software, Inc. Steeplechase Software, Inc. is a factory automation solutions provider and developer of the leading PC-based control software package - the Visual Logic Controller™ (VLC®). Steeplechase has earned its reputation as innovator in the emerging PC-based automation control market by introducing the first Windows-based control solution designed for the manufacturing floor in 1994, an integrated motion control solution in 1997, and most recently the first seamless embedded NT product based on Windows NT Embedded.

Far more than a PLC replacement, Steeplechase captures many of the automation system functions into a single software package, including logic control, motion control operator interface, diagnostics, bar code and radio frequency (RF) identification, and IT data connectivity.

The company's value proposition is productivity. Steeplechase's productivity enhancements and cost savings are measured in:

  • faster system design
  • faster launch time.
  • lower machine downtime, resulting in substantial cost savings.
  • data connectivity between the factory floor and rest of the enterprise.

    Steeplechase has received accolades from a variety of industry sources, including Technology of the Year Award from Industry Week in 1997, recognition as "the undisputed leader in PC-based controls" with more than twice the market share of any competitor by ARC Advisory group in 1998, and the "1999 Market Leadership Award in PC-based Controls" from the analyst firm Frost & Sullivan.

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