Company Profile | March 30, 2001

Ryane Motorsports

Source: Ryane Motorsports
Ryane Motorsports When it comes to "cutting edge" technology in the fast paced world of Suspension and Brakes, Ryane Motorsports is a standout. We have represented quality and performance (and stunning good looks!) since the early 1980's when as Armstrong Motorworks we were producing and selling exotic $100,000 (and up) speciality sports cars. Over the years, with the production of stunt and special trick movie cars, custom-made one-of-a-kind showcase automobiles and professional mechanical prototyping, Ryane Motorsports has continued to grow and expand without ever losing sight of the important aspects of running a business. At Ryane Motorsports, you will always find the highest quality products for the most reasonable prices and impressive service and after sales support.

Most of our products continue to be handmade using production type jigs and the finest materials available. Our highly skilled technicians construct consistently accurate components that are light, strong and durable. We pay attention to detail and it shows!

Perhaps the most exciting sector of Ryane Motorsports is the Research and Development department. With over 30 years of collective experience, our talented staff is working practically around the clock to design, create, test and manufacture new products to meet the growing demand for aftermarket performance parts, as well as innovative suspension solutions for everything from street rods to circuit racing.

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