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Orbia's Fluorinated Solutions Business Koura Introduces New Lower GWP Refrigerant For The Automotive Aftermarket

Koura R-444A provides a high-performing, economical alternative to R-1234yf and expands Orbia's product portfolio for automotive aftermarket sector

Boston, MA /PRNewswire/ - Orbia's Fluorinated Solutions business Koura, one of the world's largest producers of fluoroproducts and technologies, today announced Koura R-444A, a new, direct replacement for R-1234yf for the automotive aftermarket.

The innovative refrigerant not only provides the industry with a more economical option to R-1234yf, but it also meets the need for a more sustainable, lower global warming potential (GWP) solution as the automotive industry advances to meet current and future U.S. regulations for carbon emissions.

"Orbia brings over 50 years of experience delivering high-performing, sustainable refrigerant solutions, and Koura R-444A is the result of a continued effort to reduce the environmental impact of the automotive sector," said Gregg Smith, President of Orbia Fluorinated Solutions (Koura). "This is a product OEMs and the market has been demanding for quite some time. As a low-GWP aftermarket solution, it enhances our overarching strategy to deliver sustainable products that help our customers meet supply resiliency and future regulations without compromising performance."

Koura R-444A delivers the following key benefits:

  • Diversification in market options: R-444A is compatible with R-1234yf and its components.
  • An economical alternative: R-444A is an economically priced direct replacement for R-1234yf.*
  • Colder air, faster: Third-party lab data confirmed that R-444A pulls down cabin temperature approximately 2°C colder than R-1234yf and reaches a comfortable 22°C cabin temperature four minutes faster.**
  • Increased vehicle performance: R-444A's higher energy efficiency may enable internal combustion engine vehicles to see improved fuel economy while electric vehicles may experience extended range.
  • Ease of use and recovery: As a direct replacement, service technicians and vehicle owners can rely on the same servicing equipment, gauges and tools to replace R-1234yf with R-444A.
  • Meets evolving regulations: Complies with current and new regulations, including those that restrict refrigerants with a GWP greater than 150.

Koura also offers Klea® 456A, a lower GWP direct replacement for R-134a, suitable for application in the automotive aftermarket sector. R-456A is a lower GWP refrigerant that provides the same energy efficiency as R-134a, while also providing a 50% reduction in GWP, making it a more sustainable option than R-134a.

"As an innovator in the automotive aftermarket sector, Orbia recognizes the impact these next-generation refrigerants can bring to OEMs, dealerships, service shops, and all the way down to the self-mechanic at home," said Smith. "Our commitment to research and development is coming forward in R-444A and R-456A, and we cannot wait to bring these products to market to improve performance and passenger comfort in the U.S."

With R-444A and R-456A, Orbia has engineered sustainable refrigerants backed by its technical and market expertise that deliver the best outcome for both automotive aftermarket customers and their consumers.

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* Based on market conditions Sept 30, 2023
** Independent test lab data shows an improvement in pull down times.

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Orbia's Fluorinated Solutions business, Koura, is a global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of fluoroproducts that play a fundamental role in enhancing everyday lives and shortening the path to a sustainable, circular economy. Backed by over 35 years of experience, Orbia's products are used in a vast range of applications including electric vehicles and energy storage, urban and rural infrastructure, indoor climate management, food, and medicine refrigeration and even in treating respiratory conditions through the development of healthy and innovative low-GWP propellants for metered-dose inhalers. Koura has 1,600 employees and 13 manufacturing facilities worldwide, serving 60 countries through a global sales and distribution network.

Source: Koura, an Orbia business

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