Download | December 14, 1999

Newton MPG (Shareware)

Source: Delcam PLC
MPG stands for Miles Per Gallon, and it gives Newton MessagePad users one more reason to carry their sleek black marvel (Newton) in their sleek black marvel (Porsche). It acts as a mileage log book, allowing you to calculate miles per gallon, average gas price, and other useful automotive statistics as you drive down life's highways. A wide variety of entry options is confusing at first, but struggle through them: after you're finished entering, a tap on the \stats\ button will reward you with more statistics than you can shake an overpriced chrome-plated gas cap at. Version 2.0 is a significant update, with new import/export features, alarms, and support for Imperial gallons. Version 2.2 fixes bugs and makes tweaks.