News | August 30, 2023

ITECH Products Now Available From TestEquity

Leading electronics test and measurement distributor now offers ITECH bi-directional and regenerative power systems for testing solar arrays, electric vehicles, semiconductors, integrated circuits., batteries, etc.

North Richland Hills, TX (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) - TestEquity announced that it has reached an agreement that will make ITECH products available to its customers as an authorized distributor. ITECH Electronics produces accurate and reliable testing solutions for measuring and analyzing electrical parameters and signals. ITECH products support integration and automation in the lab and help simulate real-world operating conditions—especially for power testing.

“Working with ITECH helps bolster our selection of bi-directional and regenerative power systems, which is essential for anyone working with vehicle electrification or solar arrays, but the demand goes much farther,” said Scott Cave, Director of Product Management at TestEquity. “Power testing is more critical than it has ever been.”

“TestEquity has the technical acumen to deliver the level of product support that our end users expect,” said Hannah Huang, Account Manager at ITECH Electronics. “We are excited to work with them as a distribution partner to get our products to engineers and technicians in the industries where they are needed most.”

ITECH Electronics products include:

Power Supplies:
Programmable DC power supplies with different voltage and current ranges, precision power supplies, bi-directional and regenerative power systems, and more.

Electronic Loads
Electronic loads that can simulate a variety of load conditions to test the performance and stability of power supplies, battery systems, and related electronic components.

Programmable Power Systems
Power systems with multiple channels, programmable features, and various interface options for integration and automation purposes.

AC Power Sources & Grid Simulator
AC power sources simulate various AC power conditions, such as voltage fluctuations and frequency variations, to test the behavior of devices under different power grid conditions. ITECH’s four-quadrant grid simulator can be used as an AC power supply and regenerative electronic load in one unit.

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About TestEquity LLC
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About ITECH Electronics
As a professional global power electronic instruments manufacturer, "Customer oriented" is the principle of all ITECH's activities. We strive to meet the power testing demands of tomorrow’s cutting-edge industries, including EV, solar, energy storage, semiconductors, and more. With continuous improvement and innovation, ITECH's wide range of power electronics solutions takes your test and measurement process to new heights.

Source: TestEquity