Freeware | September 28, 1999

InfinityQS (Demo)

Source: Lyle-Kearsley Systems (LKS)
InfinityQS incorporates a series of software modules used for implementing Statistical Process Control (SPC), Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA) and Gage Tracking and Gage Calibration (GTS). It is easy to use and each of its modules are FULLY INTEGRATED with one another. Infinity helps companies meet international quality requirements such as ISO 9000, QS9000, D!-9000 (for Boeing Suppliers), and HACCP and others. 100% ODBC Compliant. All data from all products are written to the database of your choice. It Automatically creates all necessary database tables without user-defined scripts. It can support Synchronization between databases even of different types (between Access and Oracle for example). It integrates with Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and Manufacturing Resource Planning(MRP) Systems that can:
  • Launch the InfinityQS programs.
  • Automatically load real-time data collection procedures.
  • Automatically analyze, chart and report appropriate data.