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Hong Kong's Second Home Project - A Global Launch Of The First Mars Vehicle

Beijing /PRNewswire/ - At the intersection of energy and digital revolution, innovative business model is the trend leading changes in the era. In the forward-looking spirit of serving humanity, Route Vision Automobile, after implementing the Second Home Plan, takes the lead in launching the Mars vehicle product, which is the first human's vehicle on Mars and a multi-planet travel tool that meets the transportation needs on earth and Mars.

Human beings around the world are united in the technology iteration, aggregating global outstanding technology industries. In order to realize the dream of further exploring Mars and maintaining the sustainable living space of future generations, the world should shoulder the technical responsibility and financial mission together regardless of race and color. To that end, Route Vision Automobile releases the invitation for the world and welcome all of you to join the Mars vehicle DAO factory. Ranging from processing, accessories, software technology to design and users, each process is to contribute to the DAO factory's growth rate.

Mars vehicle release-roadmap:

Route Vision Automobile is leading the future because the vehicle system is the core of the future transportation; the Mars vehicle adopts Harmony OS and Tesla (Full self-driving) FSD system. The combining parts of the vehicle employ the architecture of Rivian's skateboard platform and the vehicle energy contains new energy, such as hydrogen and nuclear energy. It is a new transportation or flight tool on the surface of the earth. Its overall composition can be customized and assembled. This vehicle can be used on both earth and Mars across planets. The Metaverse Cloud Factory is responsible for the full process, ranging from placing orders, retroactive production to personalized generation. There are options to choose Earth delivery or Mars delivery; it can also be traded in the Metaverse ecosystem.

In terms of different energies and engines, Route Vision Automobile will gradually integrate global quality suppliers. The Earth will serve as a manufacturing base for the geomorphology characteristics of both Earth and Mars. More flexible payment methods will be available and we will embrace the future! The first batch of Mars vehicles will take the innovative way to subscribe and issue with NFT. Owning the NFT will allow to have vehicle pre-sale rights as well as Earth and Mars use rights. On top of that, upgrading virtual vehicles online is also available. Overall, each operation serves as a contribution to the DAO ecology to realize the completion of the Mars Home as soon as possible so that we can achieve the interplanetary migration.

DAO Factory
The imaged customers are groups who are enthusiastically involved in cryptocurrency and agree with the spirit of blockchain. They have maverick thinking, constantly optimize their own lives, and are full of imagination and participation in emerging things and models. Their logical thinking is in a distributed, blockchain style, and this decentralized perception has prompted us to make the factory decentralized as well.

DAO is responsible for organization and token for bookkeeping, and then the vehicles will be delivered to users afterwards. It can put all information on the chain and make them non-tampering, including orders, parts, and processes. It ensures everything is traceable, including every order, the whole process and all techniques. It helps build up a new ecological model. Not only is it transparent to consumers, but also there are benefits for parts manufacturers, and individual factories. The increased revenue are for every transaction, vehicle premium, and participant in the chain. It is a positive effect on production efficiency, quality control, and order volume throughput. That's how the brand is defined, a DAO factory producing Mars vehicles!

NFT Payment Method
We have adopted a more flexible and interesting payment method this time, using the purchase of NFT to pay for the vehicle. In other words, after owning a limited-edition NFT, you can have access to the pre-sale right of a Mars vehicle's and the right to explore the earth and Mars. Both the vehicle and NFT can continue to transaction, generating incremental revenue for each link in the production of this vehicle with a reward, which not only greatly brings great incentives to the producer and the buyer, but also considerably improves the production quality and optimizes as well as accelerates the vehicle iteration. Users who own NFT can choose to deliver on Earth or on Mars in the future; Metaverse can also continue to upgrade and customize the virtual vehicle online and it can achieve the smooth interactive experience online and offline.

Global Community
The Mars vehicle of Route Vision Automobile was first released in North America to advocate a new way of life from the perspective of openness, freedom and sustainable development. Our ideal community is a group of friends with similar values, who will work together to improve the DAO ecology, integrate technology, improve business models and production capabilities, and present the transportation, communication and housing aspects of the new living community in the interplanetary life. We will promote the landing on Mars and become the creator, supporter and member of the Mars community.

Source: Route Vision Automobile

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