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GWM Unveils Next-Generation E-Hybrid 4WD Platform, Hi4 At Its NEV Day

Baoding, China /PRNewswire/ - China 's leading automaker GWM, on its Intelligent NEV Day, launched its latest hybrid technology platform, Hi4 (Hybrid Intelligent 4WD), featuring advanced EV-based powertrain designed to optimize efficiency in all road conditions and driving scenarios.

GWM has been continuously deepening its new energy and intelligent design, with a complete vehicle industrial chain design, covering hybrid architecture, electric batteries, hydrogen power, electric driving technology, intelligent cabin, intelligent driving and intelligent chassis.

The Hi4 platform features two powertrains with a maximum system power of 340 kW, which covers AC class vehicle models. The e-hybrid powertrain achieves an industry-leading thermal efficiency of 41.5%, which is made possible by its advanced combustion system, high-pressure direct injection and low-pressure exhaust gas recirculation technology. In addition, the Hi4 platform's intelligent energy management and control strategies deliver optimal operational efficiency and improve vehicle energy efficiency by approximately 8% compared to traditional energy management.

The Hi4 platform also offers a range of over 100 km on pure electric power, thanks to its high-capacity battery pack, which uses advanced lithium-ion technology to provide long-lasting power. Fast charging energy efficiency that reaches 97%, and charges from 30 to 80% at room temperature in less than 30 minutes, thanks to its high-voltage charging technology and intelligent charge management system.

The Hi4 platform also features three new hybrid technology advancements, including a new e-hybrid architecture that expands user driving scenarios, new dynamic control technology that relies on millisecond-grade high-precision sensors, and a new system electromechanical coupling transmission that improves performance.

The new e-hybrid architecture uses a "new design" hybrid with three power sources and dual-shaft distribution that uses two electric motors distributed in a distributed manner, achieving a series-parallel 4WD electric hybrid architecture. This broadens the user's driving scenarios, making it suitable for both city and off-road driving.

The GWM iTVC (Intelligent Torque Vectoring Control) system is a new dynamic control technology that is based on millisecond-precision high-precision sensing of vehicle speed through engine rotation. GWM iTVC quickly distributes and dynamically adjusts the torque between the front and rear axles in milliseconds, effectively preventing skid on road surfaces with low grip and improving handling stability and driving safety during turns.

The electromechanically coupled transmission system is an innovative design of two electromechanically coupled units, which covers almost the entire speed range of the engine, meeting the driving needs of users in all scenarios.

"The Hi4 platform provides powerful performance and lower fuel consumption, and with its innovative dual-motor and dual-axis control functions, it also improves handling stability and driving safety during turns," explained the technical manager of the propulsion system.

GWM's Hi4 platform is poised to revolutionize the hybrid SUV market by offering customers an unrivaled combination of performance, safety and efficiency, making it the smart choice for drivers who demand the best.

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