News | September 27, 2006

Corry Micronics Introduces Complete Line Of Filtered D-Sub Adapters

Corry, PA -- Corry Micronics, Inc. (CMI) has released for production a new line of filtered d-sub connector adapters. Ceramic tubular adapters are used in applications requiring high levels of attenuation or where the interfering signals cover a wide range of frequencies.

Adapters are primarily installed where the development effort has been completed and there remains the need for additional filtering. Filtered adapters are a cost-effective and time-efficient method to obtain the certification of new product designs. Filtered adapters are a practical solution for the suppression of conducted or radiated emissions.

“Filtered d-sub connector adapters are essential for system designers to meet the increasingly stringent EMC compatibility demands of both existing and new electronic equipment designs,” Bob Meilleur, CMI’s engineering manager, stated. “The filtered adapter approach also eliminates the need to re-design existing system layouts.”

These ceramic tubular adapters are available in either a “C” or “Pi” filtering circuit with capacitance values from 68 pF to 5,000 pF (C) and up to 4,000 pF (Pi). Filtered adapters are offered with pin counts of 9, 15, 25, 37, and 50.

Don Pavlek, CMI’s CEO, added: “This product addition continues to add depth to our filtered product line, which is an important part of our strategic growth plans.”

SOURCE: Quantic Corry