News | December 30, 2022

Chinese Auto Parts Supplier Baolong Automotive Rolls Out New Lineup Of Automotive Sensors For EVs

Shanghai /PRNewswire/ - On December 30, 2022, Chinese auto parts manufacturer Shanghai Baolong Automotive Corporation hosted the "Super Sensing, Intelligent Core" product launch event at China's largest automotive B2B marketplace Two highlights of the event were Baolong's new fluxgate current sensor and a new electric motor position sensor for electric vehicles (EVs).

Given the growing trend towards vehicle electrification and intelligence, sales of EVs have risen rapidly over the past few years, deeply impacting the automotive sensor sector. In addition, the demand for vehicle electrification has driven the demand for sensors and catalyzed the development of new sensor types.

Baolong Automotive, which started producing automotive sensors in 2009, has become a domestic leader in the sector by amassing a rich lineup of over 40 sensors across six key categories: pressure, rain and light, speed, position, acceleration and current. The firm aims to achieve annual production and sales of 100 million sensors in five years in tandem with becoming the leader in China and even worldwide in some segments.

The 1000A/1500A fluxgate current sensor features high precision, high sensitivity and low zero drift alongside a new technology developed by Baolong Automotive specifically for the unit. The solution, a key component of the power battery as well as the electric drive, battery and electronic control systems for EVs, helps ensure the safe performance of the vehicles by addressing the challenges raised by range anxiety and charging anxiety while preventing overcharge and overdischarge scenarios.

The new electric motor position sensor, an indispensable component of the precision control system of the high-speed electric motors in EVs, also features superior performance, higher precision, smoother torque and position control as well as high precision detection of the rotor position of high-speed electric motors. The sensor also has wide application in multiple electric control systems, including brake-by-wire systems, electric power steering and electric clutches. With the key advantages of enhanced anti-interference capability, safety, reliability, high integration, flexible installation, lower costs and lightweight design, the solution plays a key role in different types of motor control applications for EVs.

Source: Baolong Automotive

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