Freeware | September 28, 1999


Source: Vibro-Acoustic Sciences, Inc.
AutoSEA2 allows you to build a full system-level N&V model - FAST (in a matter of hours, rather than weeks or months). It uniquely models the true broad frequency range characteristics of N&V mechanisms (both tonal and random) - and enables you to manage the design process for Noise & Vibration:

DESIGN EVALUATION: AutoSEA2 allows the earliest CAD data to be used to perform N&V predictions QUICKLY; with immediate feedback to the designer.

RISK MANAGEMENT: AutoSEA2's Statistical Engineering modeler quickly identifies the risk areas, which may need more detailed CAE modeling or test based development.

SYSTEMS ENGINEERING: AutoSEA2 incorporates systems engineering principles to ensure component N&V specifications are designed to meet required quality standards of the integrated system.