Company Profile | September 30, 1999

ARC Advisory Group

Source: ARC Advisory Group
ARC Advisory Group

Founded in 1986, ARC Advisory Group is the leader in providing strategic planning and technology assessment services to leading manufacturing companies, utilities, and global logistics providers, as well as to software and solution suppliers worldwide. From Global 1000 companies to small start-up firms, ARC provides the strategic knowledge needed to succeed in today's technology driven economy. Our analysts and consultants have extensive, first-hand experience in all types of technologies and applications. We know what you are trying to accomplish and can assist you in achieving your goals.

We constantly expand our knowledgebase through supplier interviews, user surveys, and customer visits. Our database contains the latest information on technologies, standards, products, and capabilities of thousands of software and solution providers.

ARC provides the knowledge you require to make the critical decisions necessary to ensure your company's survival in the dynamic, global economy of the 21st century. From business applications to automation systems, our areas of expertise span the entire enterprise.

ARC's Services Include:

  • Continuous Advisory Services
  • Market Information Services
  • Investor Information Services
  • Merger & Acquisition Services
  • Partner Search Services
  • Strategy Forums
  • Consulting Services