News | January 2, 2008

ADMMicro Helps O'Reilly Auto Parts Stores Avoid More Than 33 Million Pounds Of CO2

Roanoke, VA - ADMMicro, Inc. energy management systems installed in over 1,600 O'Reilly Automotive (ORLY) stores have reduced expected carbon dioxide emissions by more than 33 million pounds in 2007. That amount is roughly equivalent to the CO2 produced by 3,287 passenger cars in a year according to the U.S. Climate Technology Cooperation Gateway.

According to John Richmond, ADMMicro's Vice President of Sales, O'Reilly's CO2 avoidance is based on a weather normalized study of the reduction of electricity and natural gas consumed in retrofitted stores and distribution centers for which 2006 to 2007 comparisons could be made. During this period, electric usage was lowered by 18.5 percent over same-time bills from the previous year, he says.

"These savings are significant, both for the environment and for O'Reilly Auto Parts' bottom line," says Richmond. "Corporations today are very aware of their impact on the environment. ADMMicro's advanced metering and energy management systems provide a method to both measure and control energy use, resulting in reduced consumption and often rebates or incentives as well."

Richmond explains that the savings are derived both from the units' control systems for lighting and HVAC systems and from its ability to monitor electrical loads and temperature on a continual basis, detecting even the slightest variation in energy usage and reacting to it. When extrapolated to 2008, when all O'Reilly's installations will have 12 months of documented data to compare, the reduction is expected to top 46 million pounds, or the equivalent of more than 35,000 barrels of oil.

"It's rewarding to know that the energy savings that help to reduce the cost of operating our stores are benefiting the environment as well," says Mike Young, director of construction, O'Reilly Auto Parts. "As energy prices increase, being able to measure and control these costs is no longer a luxury, but a necessity of doing business. We're very pleased with the level of savings we've been able to accomplish."

The ADMMicro system is based on a patent-pending controller that remotely monitors energy usage 24/7, providing real-time data on consumption and outages, says Richmond. The ADMMicro model units installed in O'Reilly Auto Parts stores were matched to the square footage, utility rates, and geography of each location. Smaller stores received basic units which monitor temperature variations. Only larger or high-utility usage stores received the 1204 model which monitors electrical loads as well.

Richmond says that the rate of installations exceeded 220 installations per month at times, and were completed in approximately 13 months beginning in June 2006. Because the systems require minimal wall space and can be installed easily in existing infrastructure, they are ideal for new or existing buildings from 1,500 square feet and up, with paybacks averaging two years or less.

Getting control of energy costs is top-of-mind for all companies, as escalating utility rates cut into bottom-line profits, says Richmond. ADMMicro lists distribution warehouses, retail stores, restaurant chains, and convenience stores among its customers nationwide.

"We have the capability to help companies like O'Reilly Auto Parts meet Federal EPAct 2005 provisions as well as get an hour-to-hour picture of energy usage in their stores," he says. "Responsible energy usage helps the environment as well as a company's bottom line."

SOURCE: ADMMicro, Inc.