News | October 15, 2020

XPEL Extends FUSION PLUS Ceramic Coating Line


XPEL, Inc. (Nasdaq: XPEL) (the “Company”), a global provider of protective films and coatings, today announced product line extensions to its flagship automotive ceramic coating, FUSION PLUSTM. The full automotive line-up now includes unique products designed to protect glass, wheels and brake calipers, plastic and trim surfaces and upholstery. Additionally, XPEL introduced FUSION PLUS MARINE, a ceramic coating targeted at the watercraft enthusiast segment. All products are currently available to installers in North America. Products will be available globally in November 2020.

FUSION PLUS bonds at the molecular level to seal and protect surfaces from environmental contaminants, harmful UV rays, insect acids and more. It provides hydrophobic properties to decrease cleaning times and maintain a freshly washed, factory finished appearance. The new product set will enable the XPEL global installation network to offer tailored products that meet the growing consumer demand for surface protection.

Ryan Pape, President and CEO of XPEL, Inc. commented, “We’ve had great success with FUSION PLUS and we’re excited to expand our product line. Our new products extend our capabilities to more fully address the protection of vehicles, as well as enhancing our ability to provide solutions for the marine market. Our new products are a natural extension to our portfolio of solutions and represent increased revenue generating opportunities for our installers and more comprehensive coverage for the end customers.”

XPEL’s FUSION PLUSTM line includes:

When applied to paint and paint protection film, the slick ceramic coating helps prevent oxidation, loss of gloss, UV damage, bug impacts, color fading and paint chalking. The easy-to-clean coating reduces cleaning time and promotes a freshly washed appearance.

Wheels and brake calipers are subject to extreme and constant heat cycles from road friction and brake usage. Frequent contact with water, mud, debris, and particulates can cause damage to the finish of wheels and calipers. Once professionally applied, FUSION PLUS WHEEL and CALIPER bonds to wheels and brake components for long-lasting protection.

Faded exterior plastic accents and trim pieces can negatively impact a vehicle’s appearance. FUSION PLUS PLASTIC and TRIM provides durable ceramic protection that helps protect plastic and trim components from environmental contaminant staining and fading.

The interior of a daily driver, family car or work truck can fade and wear as much as the exterior. FUSION PLUS UPHOLSTERY helps protect carpet, fabric, leather, and vinyl surfaces. Featuring a unique formula, it helps retain the factory feel and finish with protection from permanent staining and fading.

Optimum visibility is paramount for safe driving. FUSION PLUS GLASS, is a hydrophobic clear protective coating that helps keep glass surfaces cleaner and protects against contaminant staining.

Direct sunlight, aquatic organisms, bacteria and salt deposits take a serious toll on watercraft. FUSION PLUS MARINE treats surfaces above the waterline and combat the harsh effects of the marine environment and waterborne contaminants.

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XPEL is a leading provider of protective films, including automotive paint protection film, surface protection film, automotive and commercial/residential window films, and ceramic coatings. With a global footprint, a network of trained installers, and proprietary DAP software, XPEL is dedicated to exceeding customer expectations by providing high-quality products, leading customer service, expert technical support, and world-class training. XPEL, Inc. is publicly traded on Nasdaq under the symbol “XPEL”.

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