News | January 17, 2019

Storm Kiosks Inc Is Setting A Higher Standard For Automotive Service In Canadian And US Dealerships

Calgary /PRNewswire/ - Express Service Kiosk is challenging dealerships to set a new standard for automotive Service Departments in North America by upsizing on efficiency and downsizing on costs.

Vehicles are part of our everyday lives and proper maintenance contributes to their safety and longevity. When servicing vehicles, customers want an accessible, easy experience.

We surveyed Auto Show attendants to see if expectations were being met but found 79% were dissatisfied with their current service experience. Express Service kiosk answers customer frustration as 95% already use kiosks in their daily lives and 86% say they would use Express Service to enhance their servicing experience.

2018 was a big year for Canadian dealerships by adopting a new standard in automotive service for their customers. 2019 marks a big milestone, welcoming our first US dealerships to the Express Service family with Best Chrysler in Plymouth, MA and Best Chevrolet in Hingham, MA. Since 1957 they have been providing their customers with exceptional service and with this new standard of service being set, they wanted to stay "Best in class" by adopting the Express Service way.

Express Service is the first of its kind providing a 24-hour automotive service option in North America, resulting in higher vehicle turn around. It is reshaping the way consumers interact with service departments all over North America. The future of automotive service is here. Customers are satisfied enjoying a modern automated process, with pick-up/drop-off in under 3 minutes, with a notification once service is complete. Dealerships are seeing a higher ROI by driving upsells and promotions straight to the customer, with 46% selecting an upsell option. Our dedicated Express Service support team ensures high quality, reliable product that is ever evolving.

We have partnered with every major DMS and payment solutions provider to allow dealerships to seamlessly integrate with our web-based Service Dashboard to monitor your appointments and repair order integrations or even run it completely on its own.

A brilliant idea and 30+ years of experience in the technology industry, owners Simon House & Nathan MacKenzie have created the perfect solution for customers with modern expectations. We will help customers and dealerships drive this higher standard of automotive service with Express Service.

SOURCE: Storm Kiosks Inc

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