News | March 2, 2017

Novelty: Schaeffler Launches Repair Solution With Pulley Decoupler From The INA Brand

Langen, Germany /PRNewswire/ - Innovation in the Accessory Drive for the Aftermarket 

As the only company in the independent aftermarket, Schaeffler is now offering for the first time a repair solution with pulley decoupler for the auxiliary drive. This INA repair solution will initially be offered for BMW vehicles with 1.5-liter and 3-cylindergasoline engines (like the BMW 3 Series) and should also be available for certain vehicles from Opel and Volvo by the end of the year.

For additional vibration damping in the auxiliary drive, Schaeffler's pulley decoupler, which has been in OE mass production since 2013, is now available for the first time as a component of its INA FEAD KITs. "With this, we are the first company on the market to offer garages a suitable repair solution," says Christian Kos, Head of Engine & Chassis, Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket. "The launch of the pulley decoupler represents a logical further development in our product portfolio for servicing the ever-more complex auxiliary drive."

The auxiliary drive long ago developed from a simple belt drive into a complex system. Increasing demands for comfort - like air conditioning, power-assisted steering, or start-stop systems - and vehicle trends like hybridization or downsizing have led to a much higher load on all components of the auxiliary drive. For instance, fewer cylinders, when running at low engine speeds with smaller displacement, cause much higher rotational irregularities and vibrations. The pulley decoupler, with arc springs and integrated torsion vibration damper, not only reduces vibrations and rotational irregularities in the auxiliary drive, it also helps - due to lower frictional losses - to dramatically reduce fuel consumption by up to two percent and CO2 emissions.

The INA FEAD KIT portfolio, with over 200 different repair solutions, has all the components necessary for professional servicing of the complete auxiliary drive system. Every KIT contains poly V-belts, guide and tensioner pulleys, along with all accessory parts required for installation. Depending on vehicle type and use, the KIT can also contain an overrunning alternator pulley (OAP), a torsion vibration damper (TVD), a pulley decoupler or a water pump.

About Schaeffler 

The Schaeffler Group is a leading global integrated automotive and industrial supplier. The company stands for the highest quality, outstanding technology, and strong innovative ability. The Schaeffler Group makes a key contribution to "Mobility for tomorrow" with high-precision components and systems in engine, transmission, and chassis applications as well as rolling and plain bearing solutions for a large number of industrial applications. The technology company generated sales of approximately EUR 13.3 billion in 2016. With around 85,000 employees, Schaeffler is one of the world's largest family companies and, with approximately 170 locations in over 50 countries, has a worldwide network of manufacturing locations, research and development facilities, and sales companies.

Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket, based in Langen, Germany, is responsible for the Group's global automotive replacement parts business for the LuK, INA, FAG, and Ruville brands. With a global network of approximately 11,500 distribution partners and more than 50 sales and representative offices, the company is known for its close proximity to customers, intelligent repair solutions, and service competence. 

SOURCE: Schaeffler Automotive Aftermarket

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