Company Profile | October 13, 1999

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Source: Kronos Incorporated
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Plant Operations Management optimizes the labor resources that fall within the four walls of a manufacturing plant. Managing labor in the plant allows manufacturers to clearly identify the true cost of making products and delivering services to their customers.

Benefits of Plant Operations Management

  • Improve operational control

  • Reduce labor cost

  • Improve product costing

  • Track labor and machine resources

  • Enable real-time decision making

    Plant Operations Management extends labor tracking to address the complete labor picture, including direct, indirect, down and idle time. In addition, it encompasses full WIP and quality tracking, providing frontline managers with greater visibility to the status of the production schedule. Further, payroll hours can be reconciled with production hours, allowing supervisors to measure labor productivity.

    Real time shop floor information allows frontline managers to make proactive changes that directly impact labor productivity. Further, shop floor supervisors who are required to operate within a set of manufacturing standards can also have visibility to the efficiency of their operations.

    For more information about Plant Operations Management and to learn how our customers are increasing their competitive advantage, download the Kronos white paper titled "Delivering Success in Plant Operations Management" (393 kb).