News | January 13, 2000

Dodge Reenters NASCAR's Winston Cup Series

Dodge Reenters NASCAR’s Winston Cup Series

Dodge made it official on yesterday. The automaker will join NASCAR's Winston Cup series at the 2001 Daytona 500 after a 15-year absence from the sport. Dodge Division VP Jim Julow told a media-laced audience at the North American International Auto Show that "it's time for somebody else to win." The popularity of NASCAR, a growing customer base and a lineup of high performance cars makes the decision to enter Winston Cup the right decision at the right time, he says. Ray Evernham, former crew chief for three-time series champion Jeff Gordon, will run one of the teams. Drivers for the teams weren't announced. NASCAR Winston Cup specifications call for the Dodge Intrepid R/T race car to be slightly narrower from 74.7 inches to 72.5 inches, but longer than the production Intrepid from 203.7 inches to 208 inches. It will also have a significantly lower roofline moving from 55.9 inches to 51 inches. The rear-wheel-drive car will be powered by a 5.7L 358-cubic-inch V-8 with a 12:1 compression ratio that generates more than 700 hp.

Edited by Norman Martin

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